Advertise with Us

Why advertise on Radio? 

  • It’s accessible, portable and intrusive

  • It’s informative – It has up to the minute news, weather, sport and traffic information

  • It’s part of people’s lives at home, in the car and at work

  • It has high levels of trust – radio is seen as a friend

  • It’s local

  • It’s targeted at your potential customers

  • It has low ad avoidance – you can’t switch off your ears

  • It’s recent – often the last medium potential customers are exposed to before they buy

Radio Sponsorship

Successful sponsorship and promotions bring an exchange of brand values between the sponsor and the radio station – and this is where the “radio relationship” comes in. The “radio relationship” is defined by the values that Radio Larne generates with its audience. Values such as trust, warmth, friendliness, intimacy and loyalty – through our delivery of news, weather, and information, community and charity involvement – and an overall “local” approach.

This means that you benefit on several levels:

Creation of favourable brand awareness among your target audience in a more subtle way than traditional “spot” advertising.

Mutually beneficial transfer of brand values between our radio station and your product or service, using our strong identity to enhance your brand image.

Enhancement of airtime advertising, as part of an overall communication package.

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